Now that I am retired, I am able to take my love of gems and minerals to the next level. At first, I started by making beaded jewelry, buying cabochons, gemstones and trying my best to weave them together into something I loved. It was fun and I learned a lot, but after a while, it became less satisfying for me. Then I enrolled in some silversmith classes and found I loved working with metal!  Again, a great learning experience, but work and life can get in the way and as much as I loved what I was doing, there was no time for it to be anything but a hobby.

Along the way I started buying slabs of minerals or rock samples. Each one a little more interesting than the last and I dreamed of polishing each one and setting them into my own creations. Fortunately, we retired into an area rich in opportunities for artists or enthusiastic hobbyists – I’m not quite sure which category I will end up in.

Samples of cabochonsBefore much time passed, I began taking Lapidary classes at a local arts and crafts school. Then came my road trips to attend gem and mineral shows. I learned a lot about minerals but not near enough. The next logical step was to join the local gem and mineral society. What a great group of like-minded individuals. Now this is how retirement is supposed to be!!

As I travel these hills, my husband and I find time to attend artist studio tours. It’s always inspiring to walk into an artist’s creative space. We have met some really talented artists in every medium imaginable. One well known jeweler teaches amazing silver smith classes in her studio – yes – you guessed it! I signed up!

This space will be a place to share my creative experiences. What works, what didn’t work – maybe even what I plan to attempt next.